When you first set up your company, you will need to set up your Payment Details section under your Employee’s Profile page.

This is to ensure that your bank files are generated correctly every month. If your employee’s payment details are not set up correctly, there is a possibility that you will potentially experience error(s) upon uploading the bank file.

How to Edit My Employee’s Payment Details

1) Head to Profiles

2) You will be directed to the Manage my database > Employee Listing page. From here, select your employee by clicking Edit.

3) You can see the Payment Details section on the right side of the page by scrolling down. Ensure that the annotated sections below are filled in correctly:

  • Payment Method - This section needs to be selected to either Bank Transfer or Cheque. This will be the default Payment Method for your employee when you process payroll.

  • Bank - If you select Bank Transfer, you need to choose the Bank for salary disbursement. If you select Cheque, this will not display.

  • Account Number - You need to fill in the complete Account number. Once this is populated, the Bank code and Branch code will be auto-generated.

  • Bank Code - this will be auto-generated after the Account Number field is filled in.

  • Branch Code - this will be auto-generated after the Account Number field is filled in.

  • Bank Account Holder’s Name - The full name of the employee following their Bank Account details.

4) Click “Save” once you are done making your edits. 😎

How to Edit Payment Details (Step-by-Step Video)

You can follow this step-by-step short video as well:

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