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What is Jury Duty Leave? (Hong Kong)
What is Jury Duty Leave? (Hong Kong)

Setting up Jury Leave custom leave in Talenox.

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Jurors in Hong Kong are often between the ages of 21 to 65 and must be a resident of Hong Kong. It also means that the majority of Hong Kong’s population are eligible to be jurors. As such, the Hong Kong government has created the Jury Ordinance, which protects their rights and puts one’s jury duty as priority above all else.

The ordinance requires employers to grant the leave as needed and to not deduct any pay or leaves from their employees, thus granting them what is essentially a paid leave. Employers who discriminate or terminate employees for fulfilling their duties as jurors, will be considered committing a crime. A heavy fine will be imposed (currently $25,000) and imprisonment for 3 months.


How to Set Up Jury Leave in Talenox?

To help with this, you can set up a custom leave under Leave Settings > Leave Types tab and click on "New Leave Type" button.

Thereafter, choose "Recurring" from the Leave Type drop-down list:

Once set up and saved, your employees will be able to apply Jury Leave in their Leave Balances page.

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