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Steps to Amend "Sample Employee" in Bank File
Steps to Amend "Sample Employee" in Bank File

Edit Sample Employee. Employee Profile. Bank File. Payroll.

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If you have added a new employee profile and processed his/her payroll, you may have seen "Sample Employee" when you export the bank file.

For example:

The reason you are seeing Sample Employee because Bank Account Holder's Name is still saved as Sample Employee.


How to amend to the correct employee name?

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

Step 1: Under Profiles > Employee Listing > Employee Profile > Payment Details > Bank Account Holder's Name, you will need to edit this field:

Step 2: Process payroll accordingly. In the event that you have edited the Bank Account Holder's Name field after you have processed payroll initially, you will need to re-process payroll after that.

Step 3: Thereafter, proceed to download the bank file. If you have already downloaded the initial bank file beforehand, do reset the bank file first before downloading a new one.

Once the above steps are completed, the employee's name will displayed accurately in the bank file.

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