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Enable/Disable Mandatory Leave Remarks in Leave Applications
Enable/Disable Mandatory Leave Remarks in Leave Applications

Enable or Disable Remarks in the employee's leave applications Remark's section

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With some new updates to the system, the β€˜Remarks’ section in employee leave applications can now be made mandatory for input before employees are allowed to submit the application.

How To Enable/Disable Leave Remark Mandatory Setting

You can choose to enable or disable the Leave Remark Mandatory Setting from your Company Details page.

From your Account & Preferences. Head over to Organization > Leave > Leave Application section.

Here you can toggle the Show/Hide the Remarks field cannot be left empty button.

Once the Leave Remarks Mandatory Settings is enabled, when an employee tries to apply for leave without keying in a leave remark, they will receive an error message from the system automatically:

This feature should help you with your employee's leave application process. 😊

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