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How To Create Custom Pay Items for Payroll Processing? (Malaysia)
How To Create Custom Pay Items for Payroll Processing? (Malaysia)

[MY] Generating custom pay items for use in payroll processing. Customise statutory contribution, tax mapping and payslip display settings.

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We've just launched our Custom Pay Item feature! You can now flexibly create a new pay item for payroll processing in the system.

Please refer to this steps below for am in-depth run through of how to use this feature in your Talenox account. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Creating/Updating a Custom Pay Item

There are 2 places that you can head into to create custom pay items for your employees in the Payroll module.

1) Head to Payroll > Process Payment > Custom Pay Item


1) Head to Payroll > Process Payment > Step 1 - Select Employees > Step 2 - Select Pay Item > Custom Pay Item

2) You'll be brought to the Custom Pay Item Management page where you can view a summary of the pay items and their corresponding settings available for use in payroll

3) The Custom Pay Item Management page will allow you to create, customise and update your pay item settings to apply in payroll

You'll be able to do the following at this page:

  • Create a new custom pay item

  • Update/Customise pay item settings from the default pay items list

Please refer to the next section for a definition of each section that you can customise in pay item settings. ๐Ÿ˜„

Custom Pay Item Settings Available

General Pay Item Settings

Now, you can create a new pay item that allows users to set the following types of pay items during payroll processing for employees:

  • Name - Determines pay item display name in payroll process.

  • Category - Determines the tab that the pay item can be found in during payroll processing (Recurring/Adhoc/Attendance).

  • Type - Determines which fields to map the pay item to in tax forms (Form EA) and PCB/MTD calculations.

  • Gross/Net - Determines whether the pay item is added to Gross or Net Salary.

  • Statutory Settings - Determines if this pay items contributes to different statutory calculations in payroll (EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF).

  • Payslips Display Order Settings - Define the order of how the pay item will show in payslips.

Specialised Pay Item Settings Based on Category Selected

Other more specialised settings will appear for selection - depending on the Category of pay item selected.


  • Proration Settings - Determines if this pay item has proration calculations automatically apply in payroll.

  • Prior Year Settings - Applies to 'Bonus' pay item only.


  • Prior Year Settings - Applies to 'Bonus' pay item only.


  • Overtime Rate - Applies to 'Overtime Pay' and 'Holiday Pay' only.

NOTE: There are some default pay items which a user will not be able to remove by the user as we are using them for creating payments (like Basic Pay, Leave Pay etc). Also, you wonโ€™t be able to delete custom pay items if itโ€™s linked to a payment.

Using Custom Pay Items Created for Payroll Processing

After selecting the correct settings for your custom pay items created, you can now head into Step 3 - Select Pay Items to select and use the Custom Pay Item you've just created.

And there you have it - with this new feature in place, your payroll processing just got way more convenient! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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