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How To Create a Custom Payroll Report?
How To Create a Custom Payroll Report?

Customising your payroll report for recurring payroll months. Select what you'd like to include into your payroll reports each month.

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Yes, we've heard your feedback!

Talenox has just launched our Custom Payroll Report generation feature to allow for users to set what type of columns they'd like to see in their payroll reports generated.

Take note that this feature is only available for our SUITE plan users. πŸ‘

How To Generate a Custom Payroll Report?

To generate a custom payroll report each payroll month, you'll have to follow the steps below:

1) Head to Payroll > Payroll settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payments / Reports > Custom Report

This will bring you to a page where you can create custom payroll reports for each recurring month of payroll.

2) Click on "Add new report" to start creating your own custom report

You can create multiple custom reports for each payroll month.

3) Select the columns you want to include in this new custom report created.

Here are some of the fields you'll have to fill in correctly for the report to be generated accurately:

  • Title - this field allows for you to name your report.

  • Select Employee - this dropdown list will show all of your Cost Centres created in the system for your employee. You can select the Cost Centre you'd like to download the Custom Report for.

  • Description - this field allows for you to describe the report (for easier identification).

  • General Columns - the general columns provided can be checked to be included in the report. Do ensure to tick the relevant fields needed.

4) After filling in the fields required, click on "Create".

5) You'll be brought back to overall Custom Report page where you can see the Custom Report you've just created in the system appear.

6) At this point, you can choose to download, edit or delete the Custom Report you have just created in the system.

  • To download Custom Report: Click on the report name

  • To edit the Custom Report: Click on the "Edit" option

  • To delete the Custom Report: Click on the "Delete" option

NOTE: All Custom Reports created will be automatically saved and appear in recurring payroll months. All you'll need to do is to click on the Report name to generate this report for any payroll month.

7) The downloaded report will be generated in the format of an excel spreadsheet (.xlxs) for your use.

Each report will include the following employee information by default:

  • Employee Name

  • Job Title

Have fun generating your custom reports with us. 😁

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