For Employees (User Access)

If you're not seeing your default modules (i.e. My Profile, Payslip and Leave) in your Talenox dashboard (upon logging in), this means that the setting wasn't properly enabled for you. Do reach out to your HR directly to resolve this issue.


For HR (Super Admin / Admin access)

If your employees (User Access) and/or your fellow HR / Finance teammate (other Admin) don't see their default modules being displayed in their Talenox dashboard (after you have sent an activation invite email), this would mean that you have set to "Hidden" setting* for all the default module access i.e. Profiles, Payroll, Leave, My Profile and Payslip.

Under Employee Profile > User account, there is a 2nd mandatory step that you need to do, to enable the specific module access for your employees / fellow Admins.

*"Hidden" option is pre-set by default. You will need to choose other options to make the necessary changes.

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