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Steps to Add Company Stamp (Hong Kong)
Steps to Add Company Stamp (Hong Kong)

Upload company stamp. Payslips. Printed tax forms - IR56B, IR56F.

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If you wish to add your company's stamp, you'll just need to follow the following steps:

1. Head over to Profiles > Company Details.

2. Click on "Edit" on the top right.

3. Under "Update stamp", click on "Choose File".

4. Once uploaded, click on "Save" on the top right.


The uploaded company stamp will be displayed in the printed version of IR56B and IR56F forms.

For example:


How to show company stamp in payslips?

Under Profiles > Company Details > Company Stamp, do ensure that you uncheck "Hide company stamp in payslip".

Once payroll is processed, company stamp will appear at the bottom right of payslips when you generate them.

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