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RHB Reflex Premium Plus User Linking Guide
RHB Reflex Premium Plus User Linking Guide

Linking Talenox to RHB Reflex bank account.

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As a RHB Reflex Premium Plus user, you are now able to integrate Talenox to your RHB Reflex bank account seamlessly. There are a couple of scenarios that you will need to take note of:

Scenario 1: NEW user to Talenox (this means that you do not have an account created with Talenox)


Scenario 2: EXISTING user to Talenox (this means that you have an existing account with Talenox)


For Scenario 1

  • If you are NEW user to Talenox, during user linking, RHB Reflex will automate an user registration together along with business profile creation to Talenox.

  • Once this action is completed, customer will receive a “Activation Email” from Talenox.

  • Upon completion of this action, the linkage between RHB Reflex and Talenox will be deemed as successful.

For Scenario 2

  • If you are an EXISTING user to Talenox, please ensure that the user profile created in RHB Reflex has the SAME email address as the user created in Talenox that you would like to link with.

  • Upon performing user linking via RHB Reflex, kindly ensure that the email address and the Business Registration Number (BRN) of the user profile in RHB Reflex is the same as the user details in Talenox.


• An activation email will NOT be sent from Talenox

• Please ensure that the EMAIL and the BUSINESS REGISTRATION NUMBER (BRN) registered in Talenox are exactly the same as what have been registered in RHB Reflex


Here are the steps that you need to take to perform the user linking process:

Step 1: Login to RHB Reflex Corporate Back Office and browse to Administrative > User Maintenance > RHB Direct User Maintenance. Then, click “ Add".


Step 2: Ensure all the user detail fields in this screen are correct.

**Please take note of the definitions and instructions for each field:


Step 3: Select the correct account.

**Please take note of the definitions and instructions for each field:


Step 4: Review and confirm all information is provided correctly. Once you have confirmed all information are provided correctly, click on “Submit”. (if there are any changes, click on “Back)


Step 5: When you see this screen (shown below), this means that you have successfully submitted your user linking. Do notify the authorizer to review and approve your user linking.

**Please take note that:

  • Repeat the above steps if you have multiple users to link

  • Only linked users will be able to enjoy the benefits of RHB Direct

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