Yes they can! They can view past payslip records anytime they want! Print out is also an option (but let's try to save the earth!)

Once you're done processing all payments for the month, head to the Month Total page in Payroll. 

Hitting the "Publish payslips" button will let you indicate the Pay Date in the payslip

This will immediately send an email to every user, letting them know they can login to view their payslip details. Or you can check to send the notification on the selected pay date instead. Below is a sample notification email:

If the payslips are not published, users can't view their payslip for that month. Also, you can "un-publish" (we like creating new verbs) and publish again to resend the email notifications. 


Kindly note that your employees will need to have an active Talenox account to view their own payslips. Do refer to this guide to help you to send an invite to your employees. 


Just FYI, even if the payslips are published just once, any changes you make to the payments for that month will be dynamically updated in the online payslip display!

You can prepare a page by page .PDF export of everybody's payslip by hitting Export => Payslips:

Or preview what users will see upon login:


How to export an employee's or all employees' payslips of a specific period? 

In the main dashboard, you can click Payroll Report:

Thereafter, you can choose either "All" or a specific employee name from the drop-down list and choose the specific period that you want to export the payslips for:

Do note that this feature is only available under the SUITE plan.


Happy payrollin rollin rollin... 

p.s. What if you want to customise your employee's payslip pay date individually instead? Head over here to find out... 🤗

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