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How to Process Backdated Salary? (Malaysia)
How to Process Backdated Salary? (Malaysia)

Processing Backdated Salary for your employees in Talenox [Malaysia]

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There will be occasions where you'll have to pay a backdated salary for your employee in the month following the actual month it should have been processed in (e.g. Processing a backdated salary for January in the month of February instead).

You can include this in the following payroll month (e.g. February) using the steps highlighted below:

  1. Process payroll for the month as per normal for all your employees. Head to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Process Payroll.

  2. For the specific employee, include the required backdated salary as an itemised 'Backdated Salary' pay item under the Ad Hoc Payment/Deduction tab in Step 3 - Select Pay Items in Payroll.

  3. Do ensure that you have included any Remarks (e.g. <Backdated salary for January 2022>) under the Remarks section when keying in the pay item for your employee for better clarity.

  4. Continue with processing payroll as per normal for the rest of your employees in Talenox. 😁

Let's get processing!

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