Mass Editing Tax Forms (IR56B, IR56E & IR56F)

Hong Kong Tax Forms. Bulk edits to employee tax forms generated in the system.

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Admins of an account will be able to make bulk/mass edits to employee tax forms in the system. πŸ‘

Do ensure that the forms have already been generated for your employees before trying to make any mass edits. This feature should only be used for edits and not to generate/add employee forms to the tax form page.

Making Mass Edits to Employee Tax Form

1) Simply head to Payroll > Payroll settings > Any Tax Form > Mass edit.

2) Next, you'll be able to select whether you'd like to utilise a Google Sheet or an Excel Sheet to make these mass edits.

3) The sheet downloaded from the system should come with instructions on how to make successful edits for re-upload back to the system.

4) After making the relevant edits to the details in the sheet, head back into the original Talenox page to upload the edited sheet back into the system.

Your edits should now be reflected in your employee forms! Happy editing this tax season. 😁

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