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Multi-Currency Payroll Export to Xero
Multi-Currency Payroll Export to Xero

Export payroll payments in currencies paid out to employees to Xero from Talenox.

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Our integration with Xero now support multi-currency exports!

Now, any payments made to employees can be reported in Xero according to the currency they are being paid in. Statutory contributions will still be reported in local currency of the country's account by default.

Before Exporting to Xero

To ensure that the export to Xero reflects the correct currency intended and paid out to employees, you'll have to ensure that the following actions have been done before export:

1) Enable the Multi-Currency payroll processing feature in Talenox

Head to Account & Preferences > Organisation > Payroll > Currency Conversion, and toggle on the option to activate multi-currency in payroll processing.

2) Process payroll for employees who are paid out in a foreign currency

You can refer to the following articles for the respective countries to learn how to process multi-currency payroll in Talenox:

3) Export setting type needs to be set to "Bill" option in the Xero Integration page

Head to More > Integrations > Xero to ensure that the "Bill" option is selected for the Export setting type option in the Talenox <> Xero integration page:

Foreign currencies are currently not supported in Xero manual journal.

Exporting Display in Xero Bills

After ensuring that the points above have been done, you can then proceed to export your payroll processed in Talenox to Xero. πŸ˜ƒ

You should be able to see your payroll exports in Xero showing according to the currency you have paid out your employees in:

Things to take note of:

  • Salary bills (like Net Salary payments) will be exported in the currency that is set in employees' profiles in Talenox (e.g USD).

  • Statutory bills will be exported in the default local currency of the company (e.g. SGD)

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