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Steps to Add / Delete Payment Method in Payslips
Steps to Add / Delete Payment Method in Payslips

Display or Remove bank details in payslips

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You can now enable a setting to display your employee's bank account details in payslip to indicate that the monthly wages was paid out by the company.

To turn on this feature, just head to Username > Account & Preferences.

Then go to Payroll > Payslip View > Payslip Display Settings to edit Show employee payment method.

You can then toggle the "Hide/Show job" using the button. πŸ˜„

How Would the Payslip Look if Enabled?

When payslips are generated after processing payroll, the employee's bank details will be displayed accordingly in payslips:

NOTE: In the event that you have processed payroll before disabling this feature, you will need to reprocess payroll first (after the new setting is saved) before generating payslips again.

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