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How to Set Up Part-Timers in Talenox?
How to Set Up Part-Timers in Talenox?

Part-time employees. Daily-rated. Hourly-rated.

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If your company has part-time employees, there are several steps that you will need to take prior to processing payroll for them.

Step 1

For hourly-rated or daily-rated employees, you will need to choose either "Hourly" or "Daily" under Employee Profile > Current Job Details > Rate of Pay first:

You can also refer to this guide to help you better understand the options under Rate of Pay field.


Step 2

If part-time employees are on different working days compared to the full-time employees, you can customise their working days setting under Profiles > Company Details > Working Days Setting:


Step 3

In payroll, you can choose "Regular Hours" or "Regular Days" item under Hourly/Daily Attendance tab and label the payment accordingly (for better tracking).

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