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Pricing plans for Indonesia
Pricing plans for Indonesia

Price / Cost for Talenox monthly subscription in Indonesia.

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Talenox offers affordable pricing plans (Talenox FREE & SUITE) for small businesses, in USD currency.

Indonesia Pricing for Talenox SUITE:

First 10 active employee will be 20 USD per month. Thereafter, additional headcount will be charged accordingly:

  1. Full-timers - 2 USD per active employee/ month

  2. Part-Timers (daily/hour rated) - 1 USD per active employee/ month

We cap at 400 USD per month for each entity.


After signing up, you have 30 days to try all the features on Talenox SUITE! Once you're satisfied, go ahead to activate your subscription.

*Active employees => Employees without Resign Date in Profiles app. You can keep your employees' data for free as long as they have a resign date assigned to them.

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