Picture this:

Your new employee's work performance has been excellent during the first 2 months of his/her probation period. The manager then decides to shorten the probation period and to confirm the new hire immediately.

Once you've updated his/her Confirmation Date field in the Employee Profile:

you see the "Employee is still under probation and has not been confirmed" display message in the Employee's Leave Balances page:


you see "N/A" under the Annual Leave Balance column (in the main Leave Balances page):


How did this happen? You might wonder...

Here are some steps that you can take to troubleshoot and to resolve the issue at hand:

Step 1: Head to Annual Leave (or Leave Grade) to check the following setting:

The above option means that employee will still need to serve the 3 months probation duration, even if you have entered an earlier Confirmation Date.


Step 2: To ensure that the new employee can access his/her leave entitlement immediately (once you've keyed in an earlier confirmation date), you can edit the setting and choose "Upon confirmation/after fixed period, whichever is earlier" option:

The above option will enable leave entitlement to be displayed in the newly-confirmed employee's Leave Balances page.

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