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Virtual Code of Conduct

Talenox's virtual code of conduct. Virtual Events, Webinars and Product Demonstrations.

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Attending a webinar or virtual event hosted by Talenox? Chatting with one of our teammates to solve a Talenox query?

That’s great, but first, here’s the Code of Conduct that you must abide by, in order for everybody to have a great experience.

*Anybody who violates our Code of Conduct will be removed from our sessions at Talenox’s discretion.

1) No Tolerance for Harassment

During our sessions together, we want to ensure that everybody attending does so without fear of harassment. We will not be tolerating harassment of attendees in any form.

Forms of Harassment include:

  • Continued disruptions to ongoing discussions by panelists or session hosts.

  • Deliberate and offensive remarks aimed at hurting the company’s brand image

  • Deliberate doxxing of an attendee, session host or panelist’s information without consent

  • Deliberate intimidation

  • Heckling of session host and panel speakers during webinars

  • Offensive comments pertaining to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, physical appearance, age, race or religion

  • Threats of violence

2) No Sharing of Confidential Information

Do not disseminate confidential information about your company during our virtual sessions as these are not appropriate forums to share confidential information. If there are issues pertaining to your company’s payroll and leave management, and you would like the Talenox team to help you, do reach out to our support channel at as there will be a better level of privacy for you.

For those who are currently reaching out to our support channel, there will be times when we will ask you to share details on the current situation you’re facing in order to help you better. These include employee details, payroll information, payroll structure and leave policies. For more information on our privacy policy, please read the full details here.

3) No Marketing of Products and Services

During our virtual sessions (e.g. webinars), while active participation is highly encouraged, please refrain from using the session to promote your company’s products and services. Promotion of product competitors is also not tolerated.

Sometimes during virtual sessions, there may be occasions where you want to know more about our partners’ offerings. Do let us know beforehand so that we can either touch on their services briefly, or introduce the partner to you after the session concludes.

3) Reporting

If you’re being harassed by someone or have any concerns, please reach out to us at We will respond to your comments promptly.

In order to protect our team, users and partners who may be featured as guests in our virtual sessions, we reserve the right to reject any report that we believe was made in bad faith. Reports with the intent to remove or nullify legitimate criticism may be deleted without response.

4) Consequences

If there is a request from the host or any member of Team Talenox to cease with the harassing behaviour, participants are expected to comply immediately. Anyone found not complying will be subject to removal from the session for the benefit of other attendees, hosts and panel speakers.

Please do reach out to us at for any additional queries regarding our Code of Conduct, we'll be happy to clarify. 😄

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