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How To Download Average Daily Wage (ADW) Report?
How To Download Average Daily Wage (ADW) Report?

ADW Report. Generate and download a specific month's ADW report.

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Having trouble calculating your employees' Average Daily Wage (ADW) rates for use in payroll processing?

Have no fear! Talenox calculates this for you automatically when you select the "Average Daily Wage" pay item while processing payroll for your employees.

Now, we even have a payroll report for you to download for your employees to verify the amounts that have been calculated for you in the system.

Here are the steps on how to download our ADW report below:

1) Firstly, head to Payroll > Payroll Report > Average Daily Wages Report:

2) Next, please select indicate the following fields to allow the system to pull the correct information:

  • Employee Name/ID

  • Payroll Month

  • Payroll Year

3) Lastly, click on the "Generate ADW Report" button to generate the report in a Excel format for viewing:

The ADW report should be presented in the sample format shown below:

Hope this helps verify your ADW Payroll calculations for your employees in Talenox now. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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