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How to Hide Leave Balances in Payslips?
How to Hide Leave Balances in Payslips?

Show or hide leave balance in payslips.

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Showing or hiding leave balances in payslips is optional for your company, depending on your company's policy.

(this also applies to our users who are on the Single-App plan [Payroll only] whereby Leave is not available to your employees)

If your predecessor (previous HR Admin) had enabled leave balances to be displayed in payslips as such:

You can choose to disable it as well. 😁

Here's how you can do it if you are processing a new payment:

Step 1: Under Organization > Payroll > Payslip View > Payslip Display Settings go to Show leave balance.

Here you can toggle the Show/Hide the Show leave balance button.

Step 2: Process payroll as per usual.

Step 3: Generate payslips under Payroll Settings > Month Total (Month / Year) > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports > Payslips:


NOTE: In the event that you have processed payroll and generated payslip before editing the new setting, you will need to reprocess payroll and generate the new payslips again for the new changes to take effect.

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