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How to Exclude SHG Contribution in Payroll?
How to Exclude SHG Contribution in Payroll?

Opt-out from voluntary contributions to CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF. Remove SHG.

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The CPF Board acts as the agent for collection of contributions from employee wages to 4 self-help group funds:

  1. Chinese Development Assistance Council Fund (CDAC)

  2. Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF)

  3. Singapore Indian Development Association Fund (SINDA)

  4. Eurasian Community Fund (ECF)

Employees are required to contribute monthly to the fund representative of the community they are a part of. For more details about SHG contribution rates, you can refer to this guide.


An employee may opt-out by completing the relevant forms by obtaining the form from the respective SHG fund's website or you can download from the following links below:

Once the respective forms are completed, do follow the steps in the form on the submission process. The form needs to be submitted to the fund, and not to Talenox.


Once the employee has successfully opted out, he/she will need to present the respective SHG fund's approval letter for HR's reference.

Thereafter, you can indicate N/A in the 1st field under Employee Profile > Statutory Details.

Once the new setting is saved, payroll will auto-exclude the SHG calculation when processing payroll for the specific employee.

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