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How To Mass Update Employee Job Details
How To Mass Update Employee Job Details

Mass update of employees' current existing job details. Mass creation of employees' new job details. Salary increments and job promotions.

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Great news! We have now enabled both the mass creation and mass update of employee job cards in Talenox.

You will now be able to import your employee's job details into the system using the available importing sheets - Google Sheets or Excel.

Since Google Sheets and Excel importing sheet have the same formatting, we will be utilising the Google Sheets option in the screenshots below to show you how to use this new importing feature.

What is Job ID?

Before we go any further, we've just introduced a new field to Job Cards in Talenox: Job ID.

Job ID is a customisable unique code tied to a specific Job Card in an employee's Job Details page. It is meant to help the system identify if:

  • A record of the Job Card exists in the system - for updating of existing job cards OR

  • This is a completely new Job Card - for creation of a whole new job in the system for an employee

NOTE: Do ensure that the Job ID used to create a new job card in the system is unique to the individual's employee profile. Otherwise, if a duplicate Job ID is used, the imported details will override the existing job card present in the system. πŸ‘

Mass Creation of New Job Details

1) Head to Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Import > Import jobs.

This will open up the option for you to choose between the use of Google Sheet or Excel options for importing job details.

2) Once you have selected your preferred type of importing sheet, you should be able to see 2 tabs at the bottom of the sheet:

  • 'Current Jobs' - this tab should be used only for viewing and updating the latest and most current job card for employees

  • 'Add New Jobs' - this tab should be used only for creating new job cards for employees (e.g new Salary Increments or Job Promotions)

3) Head to the 'Add New Jobs' tab and key in any new job cards to be updated in your employee's profile.

This tab is specifically for use cases like the mass updating of Salary Increments or Job Promotions for employees in a company. Please do key in all the columns shown in this tab accurately.

You can also refer back to the 'Current Jobs' tab as a way to verify your employee's current job start dates and end dates (prevent overlap of dates).

Do ensure that the Job ID used is unique to the employee to ensure that the system creates a completely new job card for the employee in their Job Details page.

4) After keying in the details for your employees new job card updates, head back to the original Talenox page to 'Import' these details into the system.

Mass Update of Current Job Details

1) Follow Step 1 & 2 in the above process and head to the Import jobs page.

2) Head to the 'Current Jobs' tab and make any required edits to your employee's current job card details showing in the system.

Take note that any changes made to the job details showing in this tab will override and update your employee's most current job card showing in their employee profile.

As long as the Job ID remains the same, this will not create another job card for your employees. The existing current job card will be updated instead. πŸ˜„

3) After the necessary edits and updates have been made to your employees current job card tab, head back to the original Talenox page to 'Import' these details into the system.

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