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How To Export Variance Report?
How To Export Variance Report?

Variance Reporting. Comparison between Current and Past month's payroll. By Employees or Cost Centres. SUITE plan users only.

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Look no further! We have just launched the Variance Report for all of our SUITE plan users in Talenox. πŸ’ͺ

What is a Variance Report?

A Variance Report is meant to help companies with comparing between current and past month's payroll processed in Talenox.

You'll now be able to compare your current month of payroll processed in the system with any past payroll month of your choice as long as it has already been processed in the Payroll module in Talenox.

How to download a Variance Report?

You can follow the steps highlighted below:

1) Head to Payroll > Payroll Report to generate and download the report:

2) Next, you can select from the following fields for report generation:

  • Month - Month of comparison

  • Year - Year of comparison

  • Exporting "by Employees" or "by Cost Centres" - which type of employee grouping you'd like to use for comparison with between the payroll months

NOTE: This will be the month that you are choosing to compare with the current month of payroll as of the time of generation in the system.

Users usually like to use this type of report for cross-comparison with their previous month's of payroll to ensure that the differences in values add up accordingly for their employees.

Your payroll reporting process has gotten even more convenient with Talenox! 😬

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