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How To Add/Remove Employees from a Payment Batch
How To Add/Remove Employees from a Payment Batch

Easily include or remove employees from a payroll batch

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When you are halfway through processing a payroll payment batch, what if you realise that you need to include or remove an employee in the payment batch?

Well, have no fear as the steps below will show you how to add/remove these employees from your current payment batch being processed:

  1. Head into the payment batch you'd like to add/remove employees from in Payroll > Payroll settings > All Payments. "Edit" it to get to Process Payment - Step 2.

  2. Click on "1. Select Employees (Add/Remove)"

  3. Check or un-check the employee's name you'd like to add or remove from this payment batch and hit "Save"

  4. Then, go ahead to process payroll as per normal

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