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Partner Discount Tiering

Tiered Discount Model. Based on Active Headcount.

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If you’re a Payroll Expert partner that you’re currently managing payroll for, you’re actually eligible for a tiered discount on Talenox:

  • Partner Discount - Payroll Expert Partner

Our tiered discount model is based on the total number of active paying headcount on Talenox. This discount percentage will be extended to all active paying entities under your umbrella. 👍🏻

Here's an example of how the discount tiering works

You manage 3 companies:

  • Company A (SUITE plan – 74 Headcount, paying SGD400 monthly)

  • Company B (FREE plan – 27 Headcount, no costs)

  • Company C (SUITE plan – 33 Headcount, paying SGD264 monthly)

For the discounts, we only take into account the companies which are on our SUITE plan and are paying (Companies A and C).

At a total of 107 headcount, all paying entities under you will be entitled to the Gold tiering and enjoy a 25% discount.

If you’re considering becoming a partner with Talenox, do let us know on our support channel (

Stacking of Discounts

We do not allow for stacking of discounts at the moment.

Therefore, should you already have the Partner Discount Discount, it will not stack with other promotional discounts such as Start Digital or Affiliate discounts.

We will take the discount percentage that is highest and apply this to your monthly billing accordingly. 😁

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