Malaysia has a standard way of calculating daily rate of pay - titled the Ordinary Rate of Pay (ORP). This involves using a standardised 26-day ruling for calculation of a 'Regular Day' rate of pay per month for an employee.

Daily rate of pay for a monthly-rated employee is calculated using the formula below:

  • Regular Days Rate of pay = Employee's Monthly Rate of pay / 26 days

Keying in 'Regular Days' Payment for Your Monthly-rated Employees

Now that you know how the rate of pay is calculated, you can head to Payroll Step 3 - Select Pay Item to key in any 'Regular Days' pay item under the Hourly/Daily Attendance tab for your employees in Talenox:

Note: The 26-day ruling only applies to 'Regular Days' rate of pay calculations in the system. It is not to be used for 'Regular Hours' calculations.

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