Issuance of Key Employment Terms
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Employers are to issue key employment terms (KETs) to employees covered under the Employment Act, unless the length of the employment contract is less than 14 days. This can be in soft or hard copy (including handwritten).

List of items to be included where applicable:

  1. Full name of employer and employee

  2. Job title, main duties and responsibilities

  3. Start date of employment

  4. (duration of employment contract if the term is fixed)

  5. Daily working hours, work days per week and rest day

  6. Salary period and overtime payment period if both differ

  7. Basic salary, basic rate of pay and overtime rate of pay

  8. Fixed allowances & deductions

  9. Other salary-related components e.g. incentives & bonuses

  10. Types of leave

  11. Medical benefits

  12. Probation period and notice period

A contract of service takes effect when the new hire shows up for work on the indicated starting date.

Failure to show means the Employment Act has not taken effect such that any claims for notice pay or compensation by the employer has to be made through a lawyer as a civil claim.

Confirmation of an employee is not covered by the Employment Act but follows the terms set out in the contract.

A contract of service can be terminated by either employer or employee.

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