Issuance of Itemised Pay Slips
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An employer must issue itemised pay slips together or within 3 working days of payment to employees covered under the Employment Act. Pay slips can be consolidated if multiple payments are made in a month. This can be in soft or hard copy (including handwritten).

List of items to be included where applicable:

  1. Full name of employer and employee

  2. Date(s) of payment

  3. Salary period and overtime payment period if both differ

  4. Basic salary (where applicable indicate basic rate of pay and total number of hours/days worked or pieces produced)

  5. All fixed and ad-hoc allowances & deductions

  6. Any other additional payment e.g. bonus, rest day/public holiday pay

  7. Overtime hours worked and overtime pay

  8. Net salary paid in total

The last 2 years of issued pay slips need to be recorded for employees in soft or hard copy (including handwritten). Records need to be kept for 1 year after an employee ceases employment.

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