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Splitting Director Bills in Xero
Splitting Director Bills in Xero

Separating Director and Non-Director Bills for Xero Integration with Talenox

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We’ve included the feature of splitting Director Bills from other employees for the export to Xero. Now, a director’s bill for items like salary and CPF will be exported out separately as individual items on Xero.

All you have to do are these few steps: 

1) Set the option of ‘Director’ on a director’s individual profile, under Profile > Employee Listing > Current Job Details > In accounting software, employee is:

2) Configure Xero integration settings, under More > Integration > Xero > Edit

On this page, make sure that items (e.g. 1 & 2) that are labelled with "(Director)" are Enabled to create a director bill in Xero. The relevant ‘Contact’ (3) dropdown boxes must also be selected. These are the names that will be mapped over and appear in Xero entries, so please ensure that they are accurate.

Once you have Saved the settings in the page, you'll see the enabled Director Bill items appear under the "Include Director Bill" column as seen below:

3) Now you are good to go! Head to Payroll > Month Total > Export > Xero 

The final export results in Xero should look something like this - giving you both director and non-director entries clearly mapped out:

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