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How to Override Self-Help Group (SHG) Contribution Rate?
How to Override Self-Help Group (SHG) Contribution Rate?

Fixed SHG contribution amount for special cases. Approved by SHG funds - CDAC, MBMF, SINDA & ECF.

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Employees are required to contribute monthly to the fund representative of the community they are a part of.

An employee may opt-out or contribute a different amount by completing the relevant forms with the respective Self-Help Group (SHG) funds. 

The contribution amount deducted is dependent on the wages of the employee. You can refer to our "Employee Contributions to Self-Help Groups" article to view a list of the respective contribution amounts. 

In the event your employee has obtained an approval from his/her respective Self-Help Group (SHG) funds to contribute a fixed/reduced amount instead, you can follow these steps to set this up: 

1) Head to the Statutory Details section of your employee's profile that you'd like to made the adjustment for (Under Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Edit > Statutory Details)

2) Select the option of "Custom SHG Amount" from the dropdown list for Self-Help Group Contribution Amount and key in specific amount that the employee would like to contribute.

If your employee has completely opted out of contributing to his/her respective SHG, you can also select the option of "N/A" under the Self-Help Group Contribution field:

Hope this is clear!

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