There are 2 types of payroll reports that you can export in Talenox:

1. Company-wide payroll report
2. Individual employee payroll report (YTD)

How to download a company-wide payroll report?

You can export our payroll reports under Payroll > Payroll Settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payments/CPF/Reports.

Currently, our payroll reports are in fixed excel templates:

  • Payroll Summary - Gives an overview of employee details including payroll details for the month. Exported on a monthly basis.

  • Payroll Payments - Gives a breakdown of Monthly, Ad-Hoc and Hourly payments and deductions for the month . Exported on a month basis.

  • Payroll Report - Shows an overview of payments made for the month as well as costs broken down based on departments and cost centres. It is more like a detailed management report. Exported on a monthly basis

  • Payroll YTD - Cumulated payment amounts from Jan to the current payroll month. Mostly just to be able to track expenses and payouts by the company for the year. Exported in a single document from Jan - Dec (cumulated payment amount)

How to download an individual employee payroll report?

In the main dashboard, you can click Payroll Report to download the individual employee report:

Thereafter, do choose the specific employee name and period. 

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