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Types Of Tax Forms That Companies Need To Prepare (Malaysia)
Types Of Tax Forms That Companies Need To Prepare (Malaysia)

Knowing the different types of tax forms. Download Form EA, Form E, CP21, CP22, CP22A, CP22B, CP58, TP 3, STD 2.

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Here’s our checklist to guide you through the many forms that you need to navigate through:

1. Form EA
Statement of Remuneration from Employment - Private Sector
Download here

2. Form E
Statement of remuneration paid to employees and PCB deducted during the year
Download here

3. Form CP21
Notification by Employer of Departure from the Country of an Employee
Download here

4. Form CP22
Notification of New Employee
Download here

5. Form CP22A
Tax Clearance Form for Cessation of Employment of Private Sector Employees
Download here

6. Form CP58
Statement of Monetary and Non-Monetory Incentive Payment to An Agent, Dealer or Distributor Pursuant to Section 83A of the Income Tax Act 1967
Download here

7. Form TP 3
Form of Information Related to Employment with Previous Employer
Download here

8. Form STD 2
Employer's Statement on Payment of Tax
Download here


To download other Forms that are not listed above, just head over to LHDN website.

You can also check out The Vox of Talenox's article on the types of forms you can download from LDHN! 😄

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