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Guide to Filing Taxes in Malaysia (e-Filing)

Part 3: Malaysia Income Tax e-Filing

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Starting from 1st March of every year, employees / taxpayers can start submitting their income tax return forms through the e-Filing system. Instead of printing out the income tax form and filling it in manually (traditional income tax filing), e-Filing income tax form helps you to automatically calculate your income tax.

If you haven't filed your taxes before, you can refer to the steps in this article to register for an income tax reference number. 


Here are the steps to file your tax through e-Filing:

1. Head over to ezHASIL website. Thereafter, enter your MyKad NRIC (without the dashes) and key in your password. 

If this is your first time logging in, click on First Time Login. After that, fill in your PIN and identity card number to register for an account.


2. After logging in, there is a list of features available in e-Filing. To begin filing your tax, click on e-Form under e-Filing:


3. After clicking on e-Form, you will see a list of income tax forms. If you are an individual with a non-business income, choose Resident Individual (e-BE), and choose the Year of Assessment (tahun taksiran) 2019. You will need to file for 2019 income tax in 2020.


4. In the 1st tab (PARTICULARS OF INDIVIDUAL) you can further check your details displayed on the form. You can make any changes if the form is displaying incorrect information or does not display the latest information.

  • In the same page, there is an item called “Entitled to claim incentive under section 127” which refers to claiming incentives under section 127 of the Income Tax Act (ITA) 1976. This is incentives (such as exemptions) under the provision of paragraph 127(3)(b) or subsection 127 (3A) of ITA 1976, which is claimable as per government gazette or with a minister’s approval letter. If you are not entitled to such exemptions, choose “NOT RELEVANT”.

  • As you scroll down the page, you will see an item called “Disposal of asset under the Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976”, which refers to any disposal of assets under the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) 1976. If you have not disposed or sold any real estate, just select “NO”.

  • If you would like your income tax return 2019 to be banked into your bank account directly, you need to fill in your bank account details. As part of its privacy policy, LHDN has assured taxpayers that bank account details will be safeguarded and not shared with any other parties.


5. In the 2nd tab (STATUTORY INCOME, TOTAL INCOME AND NON-EMPLOYMENT INCOME OF PRECEDING YEARS NOT DECLARED), you can key in your statutory income details according to the relevant categories.

  • Do check if the total Monthly Tax Deductions (MTD/PCB) is displayed correctly. You can find this information in the EA Form provided by your company.

  • If you have not declared any income for the previous years, you can declare it in the sub-section of NON-EMPLOYMENT INCOME OF PRECEDING YEARS NOT DECLARED at the end of this section.


6. In the 3rd tab (DEDUCTIONS / REBATE / TAX DEDUCTIONS / TAX RELIEF), you can key in your tax reliefs, tax rebates and tax exemptions. 

  • Do understand the tax reliefs available and identify which are applicable to you to save on your income tax. Please ensure you retain the proof of purchase (receipts) or spending for the items you are claiming for up to 7 years.


7. Once you have completed the reliefs and rebates, the system will automatically calculate your taxes in the SUMMARY page. You will be notified if you have any balance or excess in income tax payment.

  • Your total tax will be shown under "TOTAL TAX CHARGED" field. After deducting your MTD/PCB, if there is an excess or income tax return, it will be displayed under "YEAR OF ASSESSMENT 2019 BALANCE OF TAX PAYABLE" field. 


8. Lastly, you will need to declare that all the information provided is true. Thereafter, you need to electronically sign the form and send it in by clicking on Sign and Submit button. 

9. In the event you would like to check or change any previous information, click on the Back button.

That's it and you have completed your e-Filing. Have a great tax submission season! 😎


Important note: 

The last day to submit your income tax has been extended by two months. 

LHDN has announced that taxpayers have until 30 June 2020 to file their forms either manually or by e-filing. Although, LHDN has urged taxpayers to submit their forms and payment through LHDN’s online platform, ezHASIL.

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