Entitlement and Eligibility

A female employee shall be entitled to receive maternity allowance for the eligible period from her employer if:

(i) she has been employed by the employer for a period of, or periods amounting in the aggregate to, not less than ninety days during the nine months immediately before her confinement; 

(ii) she has been employed by the employer at any time in the four months immediately before her confinement

A female employee who is eligible for maternity allowance shall be entitled to receive from the employer for each day of the eligible period a maternity allowance at her ordinary rate of pay for one day. "Eligible period" means a period of maternity leave of not less than 60 consecutive days*.

A female employee employed on a monthly rate of pay shall be deemed to have received her maternity allowance if she continues to receive her monthly wages during her abstention from work during the eligible period without abatement in respect of the abstention.

A female employee shall not be entitled to any maternity allowance if at the time of her confinement she has five or more surviving children.

* in reference to
Attourney General's Chamber of Malaysia Official Portal


How can your employee be eligible for Maternity Leave?

By default, not all employees are granted Maternity Leave. In Talenox, it is based on eligibility in accordance with the following requirements:

1. Add the child's details in the Next-of-Kin section of the Employee Profile.

2. Update the employee's Marital Status.


How to customise Maternity Leave entitlement in Talenox?

You can head to Leave > Leave Settings > Maternity Leave and edit "Fixed day(s) of leave" field. 

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