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Definitions of E Number, C Number, EPF Number, SOCSO Number and Zakat Number (Malaysia)
Definitions of E Number, C Number, EPF Number, SOCSO Number and Zakat Number (Malaysia)

Mandatory statutory items under Company Details > Payroll Details

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Under Profiles > Company Details > Payroll Details, you will need to complete the following fields:

Here are the definitions of the mentioned statutory items:

  1. EPF Number: Employees' Provident Fund that manages the compulsory savings plan and retirement planning for private sector workers in Malaysia. Similar to Singapore's CPF

  2. SOCSO Number: Social Security Organisation is an organisation that protects Malaysian employees in accordance with the Employees' Social Security Act 1969. A monthly contribution must be made by both employer and employees according to the percentage stipulated by the government. 

  3. Zakat Number: A form of tithe; mandatory payment by Muslims only in Malaysia. The purpose is to assist the less fortunate, as all of the collected payments will be distributed to different channels and handed to those who need it most.

  4. E Number: Employer tax number

  5. C Number: Company tax number

C number is accepted as tax reference number in OECD Common Reporting Standard. This also means when banks and services in other countries ask for your company's tax reference number, they will want to obtain your C number. 

You can refer to this link to register for C number and select "Daftar Syarikat > Online Registration Form".

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