Recently, we pushed out a new update in Payroll to introduce a new step, Leave Payments/Deductions to process No Pay Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave payments.

Under Sick Leave, Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave, we have added a new setting to choose either Pay Full Amount, Pay 4/5 of ADW and Pay ADW. 

Take Sick Leave payment as an example. Any approved sick leave applications (based on the above setting as well), we will auto-sync them from Leave to Payroll under Leave Payments/Deductions step: 

For example, if you select "Pay Full Amount", sick leave payment (prorated from Basic Salary) will be displayed in this step but won't be deducted in payroll. 

Here's an example to process Sick Leave payments for an employee (based on "Pay Full Amount" setting):

1) Sick leave payment will be calculated under Leave Payments/Deductions step. 

2) Under Select Pay Item - Step 3, Basic Salary will be reduced by the sick days amount. 

3) Under View Summary, it will be added back to Gross Salary. 

4) Sick leave payment will be reflected in payslip too. 

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