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How To Enter No Pay Leave Dates in Payroll?
How To Enter No Pay Leave Dates in Payroll?

Manually key in NPL dates in Payroll without auto-synced from Leave. Leave Payments/Deductions tab. FREE plan

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Recently, we introduced a new step, Leave Payments/Deductions to process No Pay Leave deduction. With this new step, No Pay Leave item is officially no longer categorised under Ad Hoc Payment/Deduction tab

In the event that you are manually entering No Pay Leave dates in Payroll, you will see this pop-up message (under Process Payment - Step 1):

Click “Yes” and you will be directed to the new Leave Payments/Deduction step to enter the No Pay Leave dates.

Selecting “No” will direct you to Process Payment - Step 2 page to continue your payroll processing.


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