Paternity Leave (Singapore)

Entitlement and eligibility for Paternity Leave for employees in Singapore. Adding Child's Details in Next-of-Kin.

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A male employee who has worked at least 3 months before the birth of the child is entitled to Paternity Leave. If the child is a Singapore citizen and both parents are legally married, the entitlement is:

  • 2 weeks of paternity leave.

  • 4 weeks of shared parental leave if the wife agrees.

  • each week is paid by the government, capped at $2500 per week inclusive of CPF contributions.

  • to be taken in a continuous week within 16 weeks after child birth or flexibly within 1 year of child birth.

  • the total number of leave days = number of work days per week (capped at 6 days per week).


Custom Paternity Leave Set-Up if child is a foreign citizen

Seeing that our Paternity Leave is set up in accordance with MOM, there will be cases whereby a foreign employee is also eligible to apply for Paternity Leave (this must be a mutual agreement between employee and the company). To set this up, you can perform the following steps:

Step 1: Under Manage-Off-In-Lieu, create a new Adhoc - OIL and renamed it to Paternity Leave. (Disclaimer: You can name it as you see fit).ย 

Step 2: Do remember to add the affected employee so he/she will be able to apply this leave.ย 


Custom Paternity Leave Set-Up (Flexible Arrangement - to apply in Days)

Statutory Paternity Leave in Talenox is set up in accordance with MOM's Default Arrangement (apply in 2 continuous weeks).

You can follow the steps below if you want to create a custom Paternity Leave (Flexible Arrangement, by mutual agreement) if your company allows your employees to apply in Days instead of 2 weeks continuously:

Step 1: Under Manage-Off-In-Lieu, create a new Adhoc - OIL and renamed it to Paternity Leave (Flexible). You can add the amount of days and set the Start Date and End Date for this leave.

Step 2: In this new setting, selected employees will be invited into this new OIL. Only he/she can see this leave during leave application.

Step 3: Under Leave Balance > Selected Employee, you will be able to see the Adhoc - Paternity Leave (Flexible).

Step 4: Under the employee's Adjust Leave tab, you will need to key in the leave adjustment amount in the Quantity field to deduct the original Paternity Leave to avoid duplication and confusion for the employee. Do add a Reason for clearer indication.


How can your employee be eligible for Paternity Leave?

By default, not all male employees are granted Paternity Leave. In Talenox, it is based on eligibility in accordance with the following requirements:

1. Add the child's details in the Next-of-Kin section of the Employee Profile.

2. Update the employee's Marital Status and Spouse's details.

3. Lastly, do check the Paternity Leave settings (under Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Type) to ensure that your employees will be eligible to apply.


How do you claim from Government-Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL) Scheme?

You can claim Government Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL) by heading over to the Government-Paid Leave website to submit your employee's claim online via the GPL portal. Do scroll down the page until you see "What should I do as an employer" and follow the steps accordingly. ๐Ÿ˜€

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