Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) Help Guide

Setting up FWL in Employee Profile. FWL Payment.

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To ensure accurate FWL calculation in Talenox, you'll need to do the following important steps:

Company Details

  • Choose the exact sector for the company:


Employee Profile

  • When you set the work pass (S Pass / Work Permit) in the employee profile, you can update the field(s) under Statutory Details section for FWL. 


You can refer to this link for more info on FWL: Scroll down the page until you see Levy Rate and Quota to find out about the levy requirement for the sector you are in. 


To verify FWL calculation, you can double-check the FWL amount by using our FWL calculator.

For FWL payment, once MOM sends the letter to you, you can pay online through There isn't any automation for payment via Talenox as MOM has not opened up this portion for integration yet. 

Alternatively, you can apply for GIRO for FWL payment for a more convenient payment in the future:  😀

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