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How to Submit & Pay Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD/PCB)?
How to Submit & Pay Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD/PCB)?

Steps to make PCB/MTD submissions and payments online; Via LHDN e-PCB or Banks.

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Downloading PCB File for Upload

With Talenox, you will be able to manage all statutory submissions online.

After you have completed processing payroll, you can export the PCB/MTD file (.txt format) under Month Total > Export Bank File/EPF/PCB (MTD)

Submitting PCB/MTD File Online

To make the file submission online, these are the available methods for your use:

1) Submission through Banks

Several banks offer payroll bulk payment services. You can utilise the PCB bank file generated by Talenox and upload it to your bank’s website to make payment directly.

The uploaded file will include the breakdown of individual employee contributions. Below is the list of banks that we currently support for uploading PCB/MTD file:

2) LHDN's Online Portals

Utilising LHDN’s e-CP39, e-PCB or e-Data PCB online portals:

  • e-CP39 – A method for employers to submit their employees’ Monthly Tax Deduction (“MTD”) data online. For manual submission of monthly tax deductions of unregistered users and for one-time submission only.

  • e-PCB – For manual submission of monthly tax deductions of registered users. All employees details will have to be entered manually and will be auto-saved for the next submission. New employee data will need to be adjusted manually.

  • e-Data PCB – For automated submission of monthly tax deduction of registered users. Once the user is registered in the portal, you can upload the PCB generated by Talenox.

Making Payment for Monthly PCB/MTD

Here are some ways payments for your employees' monthly PCB/MTD amounts can be made:

1) Banks

When you utilise the direct upload of PCB file to the relevant banks that support this (mentioned above). Payment can be done directly from your banking portal.

2) Use FPX if you have an account with any of these banks:

  • AmBank

  • Bank Islam

  • CIMB Bank

  • Hong Leong Bank

  • Maybank2e/Maybank2U

  • Public Bank

  • RHB Bank

Please do ensure that all MTD/PCB amount is correct for all employees before proceeding to make payment, you can refer here. 😎

To know the final submission date for MTD/PCB payment, you can refer here. There will be a penalty for late remittance of MTD/PCB too. 😁

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