After you have processed payroll, you can quickly export the PCB/MTD file (.txt format) under Month Total > Export Bank File/EPF/PCB (MTD)


To make payment online, there are a few methods:

1. Internet Banking
2. Use LHDN's e-PCB to submit CP39
3. Use FPX if you have an account with any of these banks:

  • AmBank
  • Bank Islam
  • CIMB Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • Maybank2e/Maybank2U
  • Public Bank
  • RHB Bank

To ensure that all MTD/PCB amount is correct for all employees before proceeding to make payment, you can refer here. 😎


Here's an example if you are paying PCB online via a bank:

A. Registering for PCB Payment via Public Bank Berhad

1. To access LHDN PCB function, all you have to do is:-

  • Open a Current Account with Public Bank.
  • Apply for PBe's Business Banking.
  • Designate the appropriate staff to execute payments, and purchase SecureSign
  • If you are currently submitting PCB file using diskette, you can upload the file directly through PBe
  • However, if you are using the CP39 form, you are able to generate a PCB file by using a Microsoft Excel application provided from LHDN. You can visit LHDN website to download the application.

2. You are required to register the LHDN profile in PBe (one time only) by selecting Payment > Other Payment > LHDN > PCB Contribution as per below before uploading the PCB Contribution File:

3. There isn't a Test File is required for PCB Contribution. You may proceed to Submit PCB Contribution once you have registered the LHDN profile.

4. In the event, you are experiencing an “Invalid PCB Employer Name” error when registering for LHDN profile, please ensure that the PCB Employer Name matches 100% with LHDN Database. You can email the error message to the bank and provide your PCB Employer Number.

B. Uploading PCB Contribution File via Public Bank Berhad

1. Select Payment > Other Payment> LHDN > PCB Contribution as per below before uploading the PCB Contribution File:

2. Kindly ensure that the PCB file name and Deduction Date are correct. 

3. Thereafter, complete the submission process.

To know the final submission date for MTD/PCB payment, you can refer here. There will be a penalty for late remittance of MTD/PCB too. 😁

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