How to Pay EPF?

Steps to make EPF payment online via KWSP i-Akaun

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After you have processed payroll, you can quickly export the EPF file (.csv format) under Month Total > Export Bank File/EPF/PCB (MTD)

Here are the steps to make online payment via KWSP i-Akaun:

1. Log in to KWSP i-Akaun (Employer) portal.

2. Enter your User ID and click Next.

3. Under Contribution, select "Submission of EPF Contribution (Form A)".

4. Thereafter, select the 3rd option to upload EPF contribution via CSV file.

5. Select the exported EPF file from Talenox and click to Upload

6. After uploading the EPF file, select the correct "Contribution Month".

7. After setting the "Contribution Month", click Yes to proceed with the transaction. 

8. After confirming the necessary details, click Next to proceed.

9. Finally, you can complete your payment via FPX or any other mode of payments. 

To know the final submission date for EPF payment, you can refer here. 😁

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