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Steps To Set Up Maternity Leave (Flexibility Arrangement)
Steps To Set Up Maternity Leave (Flexibility Arrangement)

To apply Maternity Leave by days

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In Talenox, we follow the Default Arrangement set by MOM which is by blocks of weeks. 

To set up a separate Maternity Leave for flexibility arrangement, here are the steps:

1. Under Manage-Off-In-Lieu, create a new Adhoc - OIL and rename it to Maternity Leave (Flexible). Thereafter, add the amount of days and set the Start Date and End Date for this leave.

2. Invite the selected employees into this new OIL. Only he/she can see this leave during leave application. 

3. Under Leave Balance > Selected Employee, Adhoc - Maternity Leave (Flexible) will be displayed.  

4. Under Adjust Leave tab, deduct the original Maternity Leave in the Quantity field to avoid duplication and confusion for the employee. 

p.s. For employees to be eligible for statutory Maternity Leave in Talenox, do view our
article. 😎

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