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Deadline for MPF submission in Hong Kong
Deadline for MPF submission in Hong Kong

What's the final submission date for MPF in Hong Kong?

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After processing payroll or payments in Talenox, you can head over to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Month Total and click on "Export Bank Payments / MPF" followed by the various statutory file types:

  • MPF

To ensure you submit your statutory files on time, do take note of the following deadlines to ensure your company will not need to pay fines.



Contribution / Payment deadline:  10th of the following month
(Sources from MPF)

Late / Non-Payment Penalties:

Failure to pay mandatory contributions to trustee (without deducting 5% from employees’ relevant income) will result in - Maximum penalty of a $350,000 fine and imprisonment for three to four years 

(Sources from MPF)


Aside from all the ongoing statutory contributions and submissions, you would also like to know that,


Submission deadline: 30th April of the following year
(Sources from Talenox)

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