Reservist Leave (Singapore)

Learn how to set up Reservist Leave, apply for Reservist Leave, and submit Make-Up Pay (MUP) claims. National Serviceman (NSman).

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In Talenox, by default, employees will be eligible for Reservist Leave if they meet the following requirements:ย 

  1. Gender: Male

  2. Immigration Status: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

โ€‹How do you add Reservist Leave in Talenox?

To enable your employees to apply for Reservist Leave, you will need to add this option under Leave Settings > Add a custom leave type.ย 


โ€‹How do you submit Make-Up Pay (MUP) claims?

In our settings, there are 2 options: DIRECT scheme for Employers and Not registered with the DIRECT scheme.

Here's the definition breakdown for your understanding:

1. DIRECT scheme for Employers: Employer will pay salary amount as per normal and claim directly from MINDEF. Once done, MINDEF will credit both Service Pay and/or Make-Up pay to the Employer.

2. Not registered with the DIRECT scheme: Employer will pay part of the salary amount and MINDEF will pay the rest of the amount* directly to the employee. You will need to do this via Manage NSmen Payments on the NS Portal.

If you choose Indirect Scheme (Item 2), do calculate the salary proration for that month using our Salary Proration Calculator. Thereafter, select the NS Leave Claim Deduction pay item under Ad Hoc Payment/Deduction tab and key in the amount. You can refer to your employee's NS letter and follow the necessary steps as stated in the letter. ๐Ÿ˜

Once done, MINDEF will credit both Service Pay and/or Make-Up pay to your employee.

* Do note that MINDEF's reimbursement to the employee is a Net Amount. Full CPF contribution will still be deducted by the employee's company.ย 


For more in-depth information about Make-Up Pay (MUP) claims and other considerations within the Singapore reservist system, do head over to our blog here.

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