We recently included an additional PR Status field when you select Singapore PR in the Immigration Status field (Employee Profile):

Now, you can select either Graduated or Full ER from the drop-down list. There are 2 types of CPF contribution rates for Singapore Permanent Residents:

  1. Partial (also knows as Graduated) Employer and Employee Rates
  2. Full Employer and Partial (also known as Graduated) Employee Rate

The commonly used option for most companies is Graduated. Hence by default, the Graduate option is selected (you will notice the tick next to it). Here's the definition breakdown for these 2 terms:

  1. Full or known as Full Employer & Graduated Employee (F/G). For example: Year 1 SPR status CPF contribution is 17% (Employer) and 5% (Employee)
  2. Graduated or known as Graduated Employer & Employee (G/G). For example: Year 1 SPR status CPF contribution is 4% (Employer) and 5% (Employee)

Full ER is only chosen when an employer decides to contribute more % CPF to an employee. For this to happen, your company will need to inform the CPF Board as well. There are only a handful of companies who practice this. In most cases, you can maintain the status quo, which is Graduated. 😀


How to choose Full CPF Employee and CPF Employer contribution?

In the event your employee decides to have full CPF Employee and CPF Employer contribution (SPR  Year 3 / Singapore Citizen equivalent) during SPR Year 1 or Year 2, he/she will need to reach out directly to CPF Board for approval. Once CPF has approved this special arrangement, you can then select "Full EE/ER" option:

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