The correct practice is to prorate CPF during the month when employee just received PR status and it is based on the CPF rate for PR year 1 (PR1).

You find out more details under How do I determine the year of SPR status for my SPR employees?


In Talenox, since this proration doesn't kick in automatically, here's how you can make it work:

  1. In "View all jobs" under Current Job Details section in the specific employee profile, create a new job card starting from the issue date of Permanent Resident.
  2. As you process payroll, there'll be 2 rows of Basic Salary due the salary proration. 
  3. Uncheck CPF box for the Basic Salary before issue date of Permanent Resident.
  4. Then process payroll accordingly.

We will keep this article for reference before the proration of CPF is automated for such a case.  :)

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