Creating a Demo Company

For users who want to experiment with a demo company in their Talenox account, independent of their currently registered company.

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Test real data by adding a trial organisation (i.e. demo company) to your Talenox account. This can be viewed as a separate entity used only for testing purposes.

Important features

Here are some things to note when setting up your demo company:

  1. It is considered a new entity, so it will be charged as a separate entity. However, like all newly registered entities, it is eligible for a 30-day trial on our Talenox Pro plan.

  2. After the trial ends, you may choose to pay and upgrade to Talenox Pro, or enjoy the basic Talenox Free plan, free-of-charge (your demo company will be automatically switched to Talenox Free). See our Pricing Plans for what's included.

  3. There is no limit to how many demo companies you can create.

  4. As your demo company is a separate entitity, the data entered into it will not affect your main company's. 

A Visual Guide on How to Add a Demo Company

 1. Sign up for a Talenox account with your main company. Once you're in the platform, move your cursor to the top left-hand corner of the screen to the drop-down list and click "Add / Edit Company". 

2. Fill out the details under "Operate another business?". Name your demo company and select your main company as its Billing entity. Click "Add Organisation".

3.  Confirm and create. Wait for a few seconds ... while we create your new demo company.

4. Once you're taken back to the starting page, you'll see that you're currently on your new demo company account. 

5. Once you're ready to enter data into your main company, simply navigate to the drop-down list to switch between main and demo companies easily.  

*Note: There is no additional charge in creating multiple demo companies. You simply pay for their subscribed plans (Pro or Free).

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