Setting up of Annual Leave under Leave Types will be the entitlement for the whole company.  

However, in a company, you may need to have different Annual Leave entitlements for different groups of employees. To do so, you'll need to create different Leave Grades for different groups of employees.

You can follow these steps to guide you through setting up a new Leave Grade for your employees:

1) Head over to Leave > Settings > Leave Grades

2) Click on "New Leave Grade".

3) In each Leave Grade created, you can set:

  • Name of the leave grade

  • Choose the employees who belong to this leave grade

  • Set up the Annual Leave policy for this specific leave grade (exactly the same settings available as Annual Leave in default "Leave Types").

4) Everyone assigned to this Leave Grade will receive this specific entitlement accordingly.

Tip: Employees can be assigned to a leave grade with entitlement quantity 0, if they are not entitled to Annual Leave. 

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