Team Talenox takes security seriously and we are constantly investing more efforts to ensure Talenox is secure and yet still provide an awesome experience and accessibility for our users.

Here's a brief summary regarding our hosting and security:

1.  We are on 256 - Bit SSL Encryption.

2. Our website is protected by Cloudflare from external hackers and denial of service attackers. For application security, we regularly check through our code for security flaws and patch them quickly.

3. Everything in our system is logged, so we do know what we lose in the event of a hack.

4. Our servers and databases are monitored regularly by us and Amazon. We regularly patch and update them, to prevent hackers from coming in.

5. All our data is encrypted at rest. We are moving to encrypt even the software data, and making our database to be multi tenant to increase security.

6. In the event of a disaster, we have various backups and automation in place to recover from this. For example, we have multiple web servers that will scale our load on demand, and spin up another server when one crashes.

7. In terms of Privacy our Privacy Policy is designed to protect our users.

8. These are the various whitepapers for Amazon security that we are on:

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